Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The end of Cajun's Spice...

Hail Komrades! Been a while since an update eh? Well thats because i've been busy working on my BRAND NEW BLOG WEBSITE! That's right, Cajun is done running his site on welfare blog sites and now has his own domain! From now on all updates and articles will be on so update your bookmark. As a present to the good folks at blogspot for hosting my blog please spam the fuck out of the comments section of this post, as it will be the last for this site. Dish the hate on me if you like, just be as vulgar as possible.

There should be an actual update (actually a few) on the new blog within a couple days, so stay tuned.

Once again the new blog is

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weird things happen to me...

Man, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me, I always seem to get into really weird or fucked up situations. My friends always make fun of me because of this. Anyways, some funny things happened over the past couple weeks that I thought I would write about here, the first one is just weird and the second one is pretty funny.

Cajun is a time traveler/was abducted by Aliens.

So Tenmagnet has been staying on my couch the past couple weeks because he just moved back to Toronto from Vancouver and doesnt have a place yet. A couple weeks ago, me, Tenmagnet, and Biscuit (whom im sure you will be hearing more about as he competed in the next season of Keys to the VIP), all went out for food after a successful Toronto bootcamp. After the meal, as we were walking back to my place, Tenmagnet and Biscuit realized they had no towels to shower and decided to go purchase some. We were already directly across the street from my house and waiting for the light when they realized this. I told them there was a drug mart a block away down the street. They went off to the drug mart as I stood there waiting for the light to turn so I could go across the street into my house.

Good, so far.

So the light turns a couple seconds later, I walk across the street and open my door (it was mysteriously unlocked?) and walk up my stairs into my house. I go into my living room and see Tenmagnet and Biscuit sitting on my couch using their laptops!

Cajun: What the FUCK!?
Biscuit: What?
Cajun: How did you guys beat me here? I just saw you walk in the OPPOSITE direction towards the drug mart??
Tenmagnet: Dude, we got back like 3 minutes ago...
Cajun: What!? Impossible, I just left you guys across the street!
Biscuit: That was like 10 minutes ago dude, the drug mart didnt have towels so we had to go to the other place down the street.
Cajun:...Haha you guys are fucking with me!
Tenmagnet: Dude...look, we have the towels.
*They have gay pink towels that are obviously not mine*
Cajun: Oh fuck!
Tenmagnet: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Cajun: Shit, I think I skipped time, im so fucked!
Biscuit: You probably got into a trance or something.
Cajun: Did you guys see me standing outside when you came back?
Tenmagnet: No, hmmm we would have though. Where the fuck were you?
Cajun: No! You guys went to the store, I crossed the street, came inside and you were already here!
Tenmagnet: You probably got abducted by aliens.
Cajun: Alright, were not talking about this anymore, this is freaking me out, lets get drunk.

*An hour later my roommate/cousin Mitch comes home*
*Tenmag and Biscuit tell him the story*

Mitch: Haha yeah that happens to him all the time, he's so fucked, he disappears sometimes.
Cajun: Shut up! Stop talking about this!

Haha so im still not sure what happened, but recently in Glasgow I disappeared and actually REMEMBER where I went.

Cajun disappears in Scotland

Tenmagnet's version:

We were drinking in this cool underground basement bar with a group of people, Cajun gets up to go to the washroom and never comes back. A while later, im back at the hotel room and Cajun bursts in the door out of breath, dirt all over him, and bloody hands. What the fuck?

Cajun's version:

So I went to the washroom to take a piss and actually wasn't feeling that well. When I came out of the washroom I noticed a door with a green exit sign which I thought was the door we came in from. I wanted to get some fresh air so I opened it and walked out, immediately an alarm goes off and I realize im in the back area behind the bar and am entirely fenced in with 20 foot concrete walls. I go back to the door to get back inside but it only opens from the inside and is now closed and locked. Fuck! I bang on the door for about 5 minutes but its too loud inside and nobody hears it. I laugh to myself for getting into the predicament and decide to look around for possible escapes.

Im basically in a totally concealed concrete box outside the bar with two fire escapes leading up to doors. I climb the first one and get to the door at the top which is locked. Fuck. I climb up the second one and the door is also locked. Im getting upset and desperate at this point. While on the second ladder I notice that its high enough that I could scale the concrete wall. I initially think this is a terrible idea since even if I do scale it, the drop on the other side would no doubt bust my ankles or leg or something. I look for something soft to land on, nothing, but I realize that on the other side is a tall bar gate that I think I could squeeze under to get to freedom, worth a shot I think if I can manage a way down there. I lean out and see if I can see anything on the other side of the concrete wall that I could use to shimmy down, I notice a solid looking pipe, victory! I also realize that if I jump from the fire escape onto the wall that there would be no way back onto the fire escape unless I pull some serious Jackie Chan shit, and im totally wasted so thats almost certain death.

I decide to jump, I make it onto the top of the wall and almost fall off head first but manage to steady myself. I hold onto the wall with my hands and try to get a footing onto the pipe. Its pretty stable so I let go of the wall with my hands and hold on, I slide a bit and a screw rips my hand open as I slide down the first few feet. Fuck! It doesnt hurt too bad because im drunk. I manage to get down the other side and my feet hit the ground, fuck yeah! I look at my hand, its not too bad. I go over to the bar fence and realize that I could never crawl under it or through it, going over it isnt an option either as its too high and all the bars are vertical and hard to climb, especially for a drunk idiot like me. I get mad again, it seems I'm now even more fucked. Its about 3am and theres nobody on the tiny side street this fence overlooks. I freak out and start running around looking for exits, I walk down a dark little alley that comes to a door that opens. Thing is, inside is totally pitch dark and I have no idea if theres a way out...

I decide that things couldn't get much worse so I go in and the door closes behind me, its pitch black, I cant see anything. I go to open the door again to let some light in but its ALSO a door that only opens from 1 side, and since I didn't hold it open, its now locked. FUCK, I'm now locked in a dark room with no foreseeable exit. I start getting very upset and screaming at the Gods for putting me through this. I decide to pad around the walls with my hands to see if I can find anything, I touch something with buttons so I push them all and it makes beeps and buzzes like an apartment buzzer, I yell into what I presume is a mic and continually mash the buttons, but nothing. After about 10 minutes of padding around I finally feel a bar that I can push, I push it and a door opens and I'm outside on the street! I triumphantly yell "FREEEEEDOM" in front of a bunch of people outside the club looking at me like I'm some sort of crazy hobo. I'm full of dirt, wearing a bright red Michael Jackson jacket and covered in blood. I run back to the hotel, burst open the door and see Tenmagnet using his laptop and looking at me like he's seen a ghost.

Tenmagnet: You are so fucked.
Cajun: I know.
Tenmagnet: Tell me what happened...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm on TV again!

This time its a new show called "The Men's room". It was fun and they asked some good questions. This is part 1 of 3, the others are linked at the end of the video. check it here:

The Men's room interview

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free lair talk in Glasgow *Now only 10 pounds!*

Hey guys,

Just wanted to announce that we're changing things up for our talk that we're giving in Glasgow.

We're going to be getting a really sweet room at Arta on Albion Street, with a bartender and a sound system as well. But because of that, we're going to have to ask for ten pounds, to cover the cost of the room and everything. Icedragon from the Scotland Lair is helping us organize this, and will be collecting the cover.

This is the first time we've charged for one of our lair talks, and it's also the first time we've actually gotten a pimped-out place to give the talk in, so I'm looking forward to it. We'll see if the audience is cool with paying a modest fee for a slightly nicer venue.

As always, Tenmagnet and I are going to be giving 95% content, and 5% plugging our upcoming Glasgow bootcamp, and the Lovesystems Superconference. I'm going to talk about inner game, and Tenmagnet will be talking about phone game and how to prevent flaking, which is one of his specialties. The guys at our last talk and Dublin all said they got a heck of a lot out of our presentation, and this one should be every bit as good.

So here are the details:

When: Thursday the 2nd of October, drinks and networking at 7pm, presentation starts at 8pm.

Where: Arta, 62 Albion Street, Merchant City, Glasgow

Who: Tenmagnet and Cajun, swashbuckling Canadian pickup arists guys.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fucking with Europeans

Yoooo so im writing from my swanky hotel/apartment here in Dublin, me and Tenmagnet have been here since tuesday and its been a blast. We did a free talk at Trinity college on thursday, Tenmgnet talked about phone game and I talked about inner game and mindframes to have when going out. One of the guys attending asked me a question regarding MY mindframe:

Guy: Cajun, whats your mindframe when going out to meet women?
Cajun: Well, I don't actually go out with the specific intention of meeting women, but if I was to verbalize my mindframe it would be: To have drinks with my friends and fuck with people, this also happens to be conducive to meeting women.

A perfect example of this happened last night when we were out with students at one of the touristy bars here in Dublin. Before I explain the story, I should let you all know that sometimes I try to convince people that I speak like 10 different languages, I obviously don't, but I know a few random things to say in a number of languages. The phrases I know are usually ridiculous, for instance in Italian I know how to say "My fingers are stuck together!" (La mi dita sono insieme!) which I usually scream while holding my hands in the air like a stereotypical Italian and "Get the fuck out of here asshole!" (Catzo vai via stronzo!) which I say to girls when they tell me they speak Italian. At the bar last night I ended up meeting a German girl, so I decided to fuck with her a bit.

Girl: Yes im German.
Cajun: Sprechen ze Deutsch?
Girl: Ya!
Cajun: Ahhh ish va sergoot, ya?
Girl: Ya (excitedly says something in German that I dont understand)
Cajun: Ya! Scheizer auf mein en kindern!
Girl:....(bursts out laughing) You just said "shit on my children!"
Cajun: I know exactly what I said!
Girl: Why would you say that?
Cajun: Because im German...and I sprechen it.
Girl: You are not German, you make no sense.
Cajun: Oh dont play coy with me, I know all about you Germans and your love of shitting on things, especially my children.
Girl: You are crazy! (laughing)
Cajun: (to other germans) Guys this girl wanted me to tell you to "Scheizer auf meinen kindern"
*They give me weird looks*
Girl: Nooooo ahhhh!
She grabs me and buries her face into me playfully.

Haha the students got a kick out of this one and I thought you guys might too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cajun and Tenmagnet Free Talk in Dublin and Glasgow

Tenmagnet and Cajun in Dublin and Glasgow!

Hey guys!

I just arrived in Dublin this morning, and wanted to make sure everyone knew that Tenmagnet and I are going to be giving a FREE 1hr talk in both Dublin and Glasgow as part of our European tour.

Big thanks to the guys in the Irish Crew who helped arrange this!

The talk in Dublin will be at Trinity College’s GMB building, at 8pm on Thursday the 25th. I don’t have the actual street address and room number, but I’ll update this post when I have everything down. You can find a map of Trinity College here.

The talk in Glasgow is still being organized, but it will almost certainly be at 7-8pm on Thursday Oct 2nd. Keep checking back to this post for the details.

Also, Tenmagnet and I are going to be in Ireland and the UK for the better part of the next month, traveling from town to town as tourists in between our bootcamps, and we’re going to be giving away FREE PICKUP ADVICE in exchange for beer.

So if you see one of these turkeys in a bar, buy them a drink and collect your free words of wisdom (quality NOT guaranteed, especially after 11pm).

Also, in the meantime checkout lovesystems' (formerly Mystery Method corp) new youtube channel for some free pickup game videos!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Life imitating art...

Oh man!

So I was talking to my little cousin the other day and he was telling me how he was going through all these little movies I made when I was a kid. See, back in the 90's when I was a kid me and my friends used to make movies that revolved around things we thought were funny, thing is, I had (and still do) a really fucked up sense of humour.

Anyways, he found a video me and my cousin (his older brother) made when we were 15-16 and thought it was hilarious, so he uploaded it to youtube. The video is a movie I made for a valentine's day school assembly in high school and its basically a dating how-to video hosted by two pedophiles....yes you read that correctly. I got in a lot of trouble for this video and it pretty much cemented me and Mitch (yes the same one from the keys video) as the "weird funny guys" in high school. Take a gander! Oh and keep in mind that this is from like 1998.

Dwayne & Uncle Teddy on dating

Its no wonder that whenever I see people from high school and they ask what I do, they burst out laughing when I tell them "dating coach".