Thursday, June 12, 2008

Inner game

I recently did an article about inner game for TSB magazine. You can read it here

Let me know what you think!

Monday, June 9, 2008

So you like tall women?

I recently posted a response to a thread on the forums asking if size matters for guys. Height that is. I thought you guys would enjoy the anecdote I included so I'll post my response here for you guys as well.

"It's funny, when people call me short the first thing that pops in my mind is "Wtf is he/she talking about? I'm not short at all." I don't believe that im short, and it hardly ever comes up as a problem.

I'm about 5'6 -5'7 in my bare feet. So im taller than a lot of girls, but im also shorter than a lot of them too. Most of the girls I end up dating are taller than me, and my height isn't something that gets brought up too much. Why is that? Because its not an issue for me. During my last bootcamp in Toronto, some of my students got to see how I deal with girls when they bring up my height, in this case it was a very tall blonde (over 6 feet) who probably has a nasty habit of tooling guys. Went like this:

Tall blonde: You're really short.
Cajun: Ooooh am I?
*I lean against bar to put the physical dynamic back in my favour*
Tall blonde: Yeah, I'm way taller than you.
*I smile and look at her waiting for her to say something else. She doesn't break*
Cajun: (Very slowly) Why don't you come over here and tell me some more things that you like about me.
Tall blonde: Haha, you'd like that wouldn't you shorty?
*Realizing that this girl may just be the type that gets off on tooling and rejecting guys, I decide to throw some massive DHVs to see if I can turn her around"
Cajun: Oh wait, my friends put you up to this didn't they?
Tall blonde: Put me up to what?
Cajun: Oh nevermind, its a little personal... (baiting)
Tall blonde: Tell me. (She FINALLY comes closer)
Cajun: Well, my friends are always making fun of me because I tend to date tall women, and I recently broke up with my ex, so I figured since you're the tallest girl in the bar that maybe they talked you into coming over and making fun of me.
*Tall blonde comes closer*
Tall blonde: No, they didn't, but why do you date tall girls?
Cajun: Oh I don't know, they're just the ones that I tend to date.
*I put emphasis on the word "date" implying that I see lots of women, and that the tall ones are the only ones that I actually end up dating."
Cajun: You're actually shorter than my ex, you kind of look like her though, you're not brazilian are you?
Tall blonde: Haha no, im Portugese.
Cajun: And you're not an actress?
Tall blonde: No.
Cajun: Good, then I can keep talking to you.
*Tall blonde shifts from "tooling me" to "blatantly hitting on me" so quickly that I can hear the collective "Wtf how did he do that?" from my students 10 feet away.*

It was easy from that point on. The trick is to let them know that height is not an issue for you, or the girls that you date. You can communicate this usually by simply being confident, however in some cases, like mine, you have to subtly hint at it using DHV stories. The stuff I said was actually true too, and I ended up dating THIS girl for a little while."

I'll have a few more posts coming over the next few days, including another entry involving that shit head Rod Stewart.