Friday, May 23, 2008

Still alive when im 25?

So its my birthday tomorrow, I'll be 25.

The past few days I've been thinking about my life at this point. I have a pretty sweet lifestyle, at least on the surface, you could easily compare it to a rock star, in fact I'd say that my life is even crazier than most rock stars. Anyways, for my birthday I asked my friends to give me quotes I could use to get an idea of who I am. Just their own impressions of the type of guy I am, or maybe crazy shit they have witnessed. I told them to give it a "roasting" type of vibe, so the quotes tend to be hilariously negative. I figured that odds are I won't remember a lot of this when I get older, so it would at least be fun to look back on it and laugh.

Usually when fucked up things happen to me I don't realize how fucked up they are until other people tell me, reading over this list I got a little identity crisis, because it doesn't sound like me at all, yet, it is.

One of my best friends/drinking buddy/co-worker; Tenmagnet, summed it up pretty well:

"Dude, our lives are like a Charles Bukowski novel, nobody would believe us..."

Who is Cajun?

"His diet seems to consist of beef jerky and whatever garnishes come with his drinks. Seriously, I don't understand how he's still alive, his diet is that of a 15th century sailor"

"Pretty much has a death wish, he's the only guy I know who will actively pick fights with guys 3 times his size, easily out drink everyone, and get hit by cars on a near weekly basis."

"He once told a woman he was the devil...she believed him"

"If you take the worst parts of Errol Flynn, Oliver Reed, and Jim Morrison you will pretty much have him."

"He's definitely an asshole, but a very likable one."

"The only guy I know who dresses like an evil Michael Jackson and doesn't get beat up on a consistent basis."

"Hanging out with him is like being in a movie, like some sort of twisted Buster Keaton porno thriller"

and my favourite...

"I came over to his house early one morning to get my cell phone and found him passed out on his couch, soaked in piss, with 2 naked girls beside him. Upon waking, he ate some crackers off the floor, took a shot of whiskey from a flask and whispered "good morning" with a sly smile. Good morning indeed!"

Feel free to leave a happy b-day comment, or if you've hung out with me before you can add your own quote to my list.