Saturday, February 16, 2008


When I first got into the community there was a lot of interest in "cracking" dance floor game. I made an attempt at figuring it out and the only worthy thing to come from my research was this theory I developed called "Jaggering"; essentially mimicking Mick Jagger's signature dance moves.

Although I stopped caring about dance floor game a long time ago, Jaggering became an inside joke between me and my friends and I still, to this day, Jagger the shit out of things whenever I feel like looking like an idiot...which is often. If you watch closely you can see a couple "Jaggers" in the Keys video.

I actually watched every Rolling Stones video I could get my hands on and found about 5-6 recognizable "moves" that he does consistently, then practiced them, yes I'm a pro. The funny thing was that, in terms of attracting women on the dance floor, it was surprisingly consistent when done in a mocking fashion. (Tip: For best results try using on cougars)

Anyways, so me and Tenmagnet (who is totally into the Jaggering) were doing the seminar in NYC this past weekend and we saw this video on youtube about 2 guys challenging each other to "Do their best Jagger" at inappropriate times. At first I was pissed that someone stole my idea of Jaggering, but then I realized how awesome of a game it would be for the bar. Me and Tenmagnet mapped out some rules:

1. If at any time the words "Do your best Jagger" are communicated to you by your challenger (whether by speech, text, or silently mouthing) you must do no less than 3 signature Jagger dance moves, immediately. This means stopping whatever you are doing, without explanation, and performing the moves within 3 seconds of being challenged.

Additional: If you are talking to a girl when challenged, you must speak the words "Cause shes a biiitch..." while doing a Jagger hand flourish. It must look really gay.

2. Failure to perform said Jagger dance moves results in your acceptance to down a shot of whatever your challenger decides to get you. This shot will be hand delivered and presented to you as "Your favourite" and will more often than not contain liquor(s) that you find personally "fucking gross!" Obvious examples include: Dry vermouth, cheap Tequila, Bailey's & lime etc.

3. There is no limit to the number of times you may challenge your opponent, however, If at any time you feel as if your challenger is abusing this rule, you may have a "Jagger off". During a Jagger off you must both perform no less than 4 Jaggers along with your own signature "Jagger Swagger" that must be improvised on the spot. A panel of no less than 3 spectators must judge the winner, who receives challenge immunity for 2 hours as well as a shot of his choice.

So me and Tenmagnet were playing this pretty much the entire weekend. We would try to challenge each other at the most inappropriate times. Highlights include:

Tenmagnet Jaggering in front of a bunch of little kids who were outside their rehearsal space where we had the seminar.

Me Jaggering in Times Square

Both of us Jaggering our respected sets at an upscale bar in Manhatten, not getting blown out.

Me opening a set with a Jagger.

Tenmagnet improvising some David Lee Roth into his Jaggering and performing a mid-Jagger jump kick.

But the funniest one for me would have to be...

On sat night I went home with an actress I had met earlier. We were making out on her bed when I got a text, usually I would ignore it but I thought it might be Tenmag locked out or something so I checked it:

Tenmagnet says: "Do your best Jagger!"

Fuck! I close the phone and get up off the bed.

Girl: What are you doing?

**Cajun starts dancing around the bed, doing the rooster walk, and making the "Ooo oo OOOhoo oohOO" noise from the song "miss you".**

Girl: What the FUCK was that?
Cajun: Nothing, just my mating ritual.
Girl: God you're weird.