Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Story

From a recent interview I did:

"How did you first come across the PUA community? First as a "student", and now as an instructor?"

"This is an interesting but long story. My friend had sent me a copy of some David DeAngelo material around 2004. I started reading it and was impressed that someone had actually tried to logically explain what you need to do in order to attract a woman. DeAngelo's stuff opened my eyes to the idea of "working" at becoming a "natural" but I was in a relationship at the time and didn't think too much about it.

About a year later that relationship ended and I became interested in "dating science" again, I was at a friend's house and noticed this book on his couch that looked like a bible, it was of course "The Game" and I ended up borrowing it from him and read the whole thing that night. The entire time I was reading it I was thinking "Holy shit! all that these guys are doing is acting!" I was heavily into acting and improv at the time, and I considered myself talented at it, so to hear that there were guys going around using scripted lines and picking up Britney Spears made me VERY jealous.

I went out the very next night intent on proving to myself that I could use the same lines just as good if not better than the guys in the game. The funny thing is that that night paved the path that I would lead for the next 3 years. I ended up doing very well that night, my friends thought I was posessed. On the way home I met these two girls from Paris on the bus and ended up getting their phone numbers, and as I was getting off the bus a guy came up to me and said that what I did on the bus was awesome. His name was Sasha and I told him about this book I read and we started talking, he ended up living like a block away from me, so we walked home together. After explaining to him that I was working on a system to attract women he mentioned that I reminded him of an old friend named Erik who he used to hang out with in Toronto. I jokingly asked him if Erik was a magician (since I knew Mystery's real name was Erik) and he exclaimed "Yes he is! Do you know him?" Turns out Sasha used to hang out with Mystery back before any of the events in the game happened. I explained the book to him and he was shocked, not knowing what Erik had been up to since he last saw him a couple years earlier. We agreed to meet again the next day so I could show him the book.

Me and Sasha ended up becoming good friends and we both decided that we wanted in on the whole dating science thing. For the next 4 months we went out nearly EVERY night to practice our game. We would write all our own routines and share information on bits of paper like two students studying for a test, it was a lot of fun. We started to become known as two of the better guys in the Toronto community since we'd often share advice to other guys we'd meet while we were out, and it always got them results.

So after about 5 months of this hardcore sarging Sasha gets a call from Mystery who is in town and wants to see him again. We were already out so we both head over to the bar where he's at and I get to meet him, Matador, Lovedrop, Tenmagnet as well as a couple of the other instructors at the time. I try to convince them that I would be a great addition to their company but none of them seemed that interested. Mystery did end up giving me some good advice on how to deal with a playboy model I was dating at the time though!

So, two months later I'm back at the same bar (lone-wolfing since Sasha had moved back to Europe at this point) and who should I see but Tenmagnet! One of the instructors I had met with Mystery that night. He was talking to some beautiful women and unfortunately I didn't remember him and accidentally began trying to steal the girls away from him. He just sat there and watched and listened to what I was doing, observing me. After the girls started flirting with me Tenmagnet congratulated me and told me that he worked for Mystery and that what I just did was really impressive. I remembered him from before and we ended up talking for a while and he convinced me to come to his seminar a couple weeks later. I went to the seminar and showed him my stuff in the field and he was impressed enough to invite me to help him out on his next seminar, in fact he still maintains that I was the best student he's ever had hehe. Anyways, I ended up becoming really good friends with Tenmagnet since we both lived in Toronto and he kept inviting me to help out until I finally became an instructor with the company a couple months later.

So that brings us to today! Tenmagnet and myself now work for Lovesystems, which is the reformed mystery method, and the leading seduction school in the world and Sasha is one of the top dating coaches in Europe currently working on Project: Rockstar. What a happy ending!"

Sasha's and Tenmagnet's blogs are linked under my friends tab, check them out!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

More video footage of me

Yooooo! I'm always getting emails asking for more video footage of me, so I thought I would throw you guys a bone this time.

I act sometimes for my friend's videos and commercials. Here's a couple.

Grasshopper Beer commercial

Phone Trap

Pepsi Access Commercial

Thought pulse commercial

Coin Laundry - Short film I won some acting awards from.

Phone trap is my favourite, we filmed it in Japan. I basically just acted like an idiot in a phone booth for 8 hours.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today's Horoscopes

Just found this, it's the horoscopes I wrote for a local newspaper when I was 18. I wanted to make them the most fucked up horoscopes ever.

They were rejected of course...

Aries- You know Darryl came over to my house once and he said “Dwayne, sometimes you gotta give a little bit and take a little bit, and its your turn to take it” I was never quite sure what he meant at the moment, but I think you will be experiencing a lot of that today.

Gemini- Sometimes when you look at a child, the most pleasurable feeling comes over you, and you think of all the pleasurable things you could do with that child…if it were yours. But today you have to remember that the blonde haired child seemingly by himself is not your child, and that as much as you wish, children cannot be loaned.

Capricorn- Today you will experience understanding. Understanding is a powerful tool, for instance the other day uncle Teddy got drunk and vomited in the dryer. At first I realized that these things happen, but it wasn’t until Uncle Teddy turned the dryer on that I realized the notion of “Understanding” can often be stretched a little too far.

Pisces- Sometimes its hard when someone doesn’t understand you. Also, someone is hard sometimes when it doesn’t understand you. You see what I did there? When you mix around words, sometimes the meaning changes. Keep that in mind today.

Cancer- sometimes you have to make a choice. Yesterday I had to make several choices, one of them was what to have for supper; white meat or dark meat. Of course I picked Calvin. Remember to make the right choice today.

Virgo- Relationships can be a hard thing, especially when you have more than one. Which one should you choose? Dwayne or Stephen? In this case you should pick Dwayne because Stephen is a known sex offender.

Leo- Today you will have to make a hard decision, which is frustrating sometimes. For instance the decision I had yesterday on the parking garage of "What target?" was a hard one. Now that example is out of context but it still gets my point across.

Aquarius- Being able to define a situation is one of your strong points, although keep in mind that your definitions will not always be the same as other people’s. For instance my definition of the word “underage” may differ from yours.

Scorpio- Being in an uncomfortable situation can sometimes be really painful. But whenever I have someone in a “compromising” situation I always let them relax by telling them to just “sit back and let the good times roll”. Let people relax today.

Sagittarius- Remember to use the right words when describing people today. For instance, describing your new friend who watches you “from afar” as “Salty” or “Moist” are not common words used for describing people and may cause confusion. However “Menacing” and “rapist” are both words that many people understand.

Taurus- Sometimes people ask stupid questions, like “What’s that hole for?” Now I know what your thinking, “that’s a little vague!” But the fact is I don’t really know what that hole IS for and I’m not mentioning which one it is until I find out. Be prepared to find out today.

Libra- You should try not to blurt out personal questions today like “what does tradition sound like” Because the answer is different for everyone, for me its kicking a small dog.

I'll be writing a few posts this week (I promise!) I just got back from Las Vegas, where ive been for the past 2 weeks, so I'll pump a few more pieces out before I head back to work again this weekend.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wanna party with me and Tenmagnet in Rio de Janeiro?

Bootcamp in Rio!?!?

Tenmagnet and I have been talking about doing a bootcamp in Rio de Janeiro for quite some time, and we've finally decided to go for it. We've looked into flights and have booked a hotel near Copacabana beach, and we're all set for an english-language bootcamp August 29th-31st in Brazil's most awesome city.

This bootcamp is not a sure thing yet - because of the distances and costs involved, we have to sell a certain number of advanced seats before we can guarantee that the bootcamp will go forward. For that reason, we're not putting it up on the website just yet.

Anyone interested in signing up should call 323.836.0150 (I think our toll-free number may not work from Brazil). This may likely be the ONLY Lovesystems seminar EVER in Brazil, so sign up now!