Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My favourite opener (and why it works)

I've actually kept my opener secret for quite some time. I've been using it for almost a year now and it's honestly the best opener I've ever used, not because im biased either, it's just the only opener I've used that does so many positive things (game wise) at once.

Disclaimer: Before I explain the opener I want you to realize that it may not work for you. This opener has been tailor made for ME; like all great openers should. Because of this I highly recommend that you do not use it verbatim, but simply understand what it is that makes it work (which I will explain) and use that knowledge to create your own killer opener.

Check it:

Cajun: Hey guys I need your help, do you think I look like a drug dealer?

Women: Haha/yes/no

Cajun: Alright, because i've been in (city) for 3 days now and 3 different girls have come up to me and been like (flirty) "Hey do you have any weed?" so I say "No, sorry I don't" and then they're all like (bitchy) "alright nevermind then" Whats up with that? Im thinking maybe its the way I dress, what do you guys think?

Women: No I think you look more like a musician, or artist bla bla bla.

Cajun: Alright, well I guess my real question is this: Do GUYS ever come up to you and want something, almost expect it, and when you don't give it to them they get all mad and think you're a bitch?

Women: OMG yes! That happens all the time bla bla bla

Cajun: It's pretty much your life story right!? Alright so now I know how you all feel, I am a victim too! I feel so guys really helped me through this though, I feel much better, you are all totally my new best friends. Wait, how do you guys know each other?

So there it is. Doesn't seem all that special does it? Well let me explain why it works...

1. When I say "3 different girls have come up to me and been like hey do you have any weed?" I put my arm around my target (imitating the girl who did it to me) and deliver the line as seductively as possible, I also lock myself in naturally. This gives me risk-free kino early on not to mention all the benefits of locking in. Also when I say "(bitchy) alright nevermind then" I give the target a mean look and push her away. It's push/pull and even though im acting it still creates attraction.

2. When they say "You kind of look more like a musician or artist" which usually happens about 80% of the time, I say "Wow you're all very perceptive, I AM a musician and an artist" Its a little DHV that doesnt come off as braggy since they brought it up.

3. The fact that I know guys come up to them wanting something (sex) and get mad when they can't get it shows that I am not only socially intelligent, but that im also NOT one of those guys.

4. Most of the time at least one of the girls will ask "So DO you have any weed?" in which I respond "You're bad! But uhh (kino) we'll talk about that later (wink)"

5. I'll use this opener on several sets throughout the course of the night (I prefer to drop in and out of multiple sets all night rather than stay in one) what happens is that I will have girls walk by me and say things like "Hey drug dealer! (kino)" this not only socially proofs me but also voids any Amogs within ear shot (Nobody wants to fuck with a drug dealer).

6. When I re-enter sets they always blow open because im the "charming, funny drug dealer" and they introduce me as such to their friends. If guys are present they almost always become beta immediately upon hearing im a "drug dealer" (see above).

So there you have it, I've used this opener on THOUSANDS of sets (Just ask Tenmagnet, im sure he's quite sick of it at this point) and its stuck 99.9% of the time (I used it on a drugdealer and his "bitches" in Atlanta once and almost got shot haha). I came up with this opener because girls actually DO come up to me all the time and ask me for weed. There's a lot of body language that goes on during this opener that I don't feel like explaining right now, I will make a post soon on body language though. So be sure to check back.


Cream said...

I can see how it works so good, actually. But it seems hard to replicate if you just dress cool and don't resemble any prototype. (My case). You can introduce the elemens in opinion openers though, I'll give it a try to make mine better.

I'll keep an eye on your blog! :D

pinnacle said...

Good opening stack. I'm impressed.
I'm working to improve my own stack to have builtin kino push/pull - hardcore Swinggcat style.

It also does 2 more things you didn't mention:

1. Conversational Open Loop

"I've been in this city for 3 days." This structures opportunities for the girl to ask you "where are you from?" "what do you do?" Then you can go Cocky & Funny on them and subsequently DHV like a mofo.

2. Subtle Pre-selection attraction switch:

3 different girls came up to you.

I like the way you think, Cajun.

MMAlien said...

Just watched your episode on Keys to the VIP and saw you work this line a treat. Decided to look you up man and learn some more tricks off you.

I think the drug dealer thing will work for me, ill try it out.

a week ago i inenvertantly picked up a chick by asking her was she the girl with cocks on her head that i kissed a week ago. this was a genuine question as a week earlyer i was out clubbing and i kissed a girl who was on a hen night that had a headband on with two penises attatched to it and i thought that this was the same girl. it was a totally different girl but it worked a treat! i think im going to ask every girl does she have cocks on her head haha!


Love the opener... but, just like what you said assholes will reply. I dun personaitly pre-mermorise this opener, I more towards the Naturals and Naturals rocks. Would love to have a shot with you cajun to the Keys to the VIP event. I will bring you down like nothing.

FTM said...

You're officially one of my Grandmasters, I've recently read all of your posts and I've not seen anything better than yours.. Just read your blog 2 days ago and the next day tried using ur tactics and eventually hooked up with two girls..

raju singh said...

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