Monday, August 25, 2008

Cajun & Tenmagnet seminar in Vancouver


So im back home in New Brunswick, which is why I havnt been posting, ive been too busy getting into trouble and being righteous. Anyways, my vacation is done this thursday when I fly out to Vancouver to help my good buddy Tenmagnet with a seminar. This will be the last time me and Tenmagnet do a Canadian city together for quite some time, we're headed to Europe in September and after that we have the super conference in LA.

Its pretty much an honour and a privilege to have me and Tenmagnet working your seminar together (haha I love saying that, im such an arrogant asshole), if you think im good, then remember that Tenmagnet was my teacher. As well, understand that which instructor you choose for your bootcamp changes the seminar experience quite significantly as we all have our specialties. Having both me and Tenmag means that you're getting double the specialties. This may be one of your only chances to learn from the grand masters of: Body language, subtext, phone game, natural game, inner game, improvisation, and humour. Of course, we still teach everything from starting a conversation to getting her back to your bed, and everything in between, so don't worry, if you have a sticking point, we'll cover it.

Anyways, if you're on the west coast and you've been thinking of going to a seminar, this would be the one.

Ill be posting regularly next week, so stay tuned.

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SCQ said...



Loving the blog, man. Internet connection is rough and infrequent but I'm glad I found it!! Hope you're well (it sounds like you are) and keep in touch!


A Cajun Spice fan in Taiwan.