Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keys to the VIP

I was on Keys to the VIP; a pickup TV show filmed here in Canada. You can watch my episode:


And check out the interview I did about the show over at Grow Your Game


Let me know what you think!


brix said...

that was fucking sick my friend!

mybirthdaypony said...

i saw you on keys, i like your style. the first thing i thought when i saw this was, "this dude aint no mystery method guy. this man is a natural. he is all body language and confidence." looks as though from your posts, i am right.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the demonstration. You're an inspiration! Much props!

Synth said...

Tight. Smooth. Inspirational.

Dark jedi and Bob said...

I watched every show of Keys to the VIP I could find. You were the only one in the entire series that seemed to really know what they were doing and to understand the mating ritual and to get numbers within those horrible time restrictions in place with true style.

Impressive dude.

Bruce Bruce said...

Good game bro. I "respect" your style.

hansome hyena said...

great stuff, cajun. i was impressed. in fact, i've been asked for the belgian version of 'the pickup artist' - any pointers or caveats?

Peter said...

Hi Cajun,

You were pretty amazing on 'Keys to the VIP'.

Is there an email address I could use to contact you directly? I could not find one, and would appreciate some means of speaking with you personally re coaching, fees, etc. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes, Cajun you were a diabolical genius. I'm 21 from Australia. It was funny how some didn't buy the first pickup as a win and thought she wasn't interested. I knew exactly what was going on. Your body language game is obviously tight, do you have any main tips or references you could point me too?

Michael said...

I saw that video and wanted to see the man that did such things. You were great on the show. I have to give props to your cousin for knowing your game and still giving it a go. That had to be intimidating for him. Respect man.

Alex Weber said...


It was a pleasure to see you on this show. After seeing your episode I checked out some others and the shit that happens... PAINFUL!

Thanks for being awesome.

Bela said...

I agree with the previous posts. You should sell video tutorials of you in the field. I learn more from watching that segment a few times than all the reading I have done.

br4ve said...

haha man the first thing I thought when watching that vid was - 'man this guy is fucking cool'

Then I realized it was a combination of charisma and that rock star image that got me hooked.

Its not only girls attention that you get from being outwardly confident but also guys respect.

blue2x said...

Hey Cajun , I saw your episode in Channel [V] , I'm from the Philippines btw, awesome performance on the show ! Keep it up. I'll be reading all your articles.

miabadi said...

can anyone tell me the bleeped-out word he used when he was insulting those girls? "You guys look like ???"

Robin said...

miabadi: The word was "retards".

Anonymous said...